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the real Reason Asta has NO MAGIC & 5 Leaf Grimoire - The MIND BLOWING HISTORY In Black Clover
In this Black Clover anime video, I explain a theory on why Asta has No mana, no magic powers and a 5 leaf grimoire. I explain the real grimoire that inspired the black clover manga creator Yuki to create the series.
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My Hero Academia's MAJOR LOSS! Hawks vs DABI, A Clue He's TOYA TODOROKI & Twice's Tragedy Explained
มุมมอง 135K2 วันที่ผ่านมา
My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 266 has just showcased a major death in the league of villains. Hawks vs Twice and now Hawks vs Dabi back to back have showcased the deeper philosophical message in Boku No Hero Academia the creator Horikoshi is trying to display. Shigaraki is still with the doctor trying to become stronger than All For One by getting a new quirk so Gigantomachia doesn't act, howe...
Black Clover’s Yami UNREAL TIME SKIP Magic! Dante vs Yami, Asta & NEW ANGEL RACE THEORY EXPLAINED
มุมมอง 232K3 วันที่ผ่านมา
Black Clover Manga chapter 245 has showcased Yami vs Dante in which he has new Time skip dark matter magic which involves Dark dimension slash and dark holes. I explain how Yami is facing Dante of the dark triad who has the king of demons lucifer with him, I mean in the power scaling it shouldn't be possible for Dante vs Yami to be so difficult for him, but Yami counters his gravity magic. I al...
My Hero Academia's Dark SECRET! Hawks UNTOLD Spy & Traitor STORY W/ Endeavor, Dabi & Twice Explained
มุมมอง 112K4 วันที่ผ่านมา
My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 24 has just debut Hawks as the number 2 hero, he wants to be friends with Endeavor Enji Todoroki the new number 1 hero. He tells him about the Nomu threat as High-End Nomu Hood comes to interrupt their meeting and starts a fight. Endeavor and Hawks Vs Hood is next week in My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 25 Finale. However, in my hero academia manga, for examp...
Boruto's Evil POWER To Surpass Naruto & Sasuke! ALL Otsutsuki Karma Seal Power & Abilities Explained
มุมมอง 149K5 วันที่ผ่านมา
Download Bleach: Immortal Soul Now: PRIZE CODE: 5THNTNSK The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime is finally coming up to speed with the Boruto Manga, In this video, we will cover Boruto Karma Seal and will break down explaining the dark secret about Karma Seal within the Boruto series. Going over every chapter up until Boruto Manga Chapter 44, discussing the origin, strengt...
Black Clover’s Yami is BETRAYED! Asta vs Dante & Sister Lily’s Secret PAST ORIGIN THEORY Explained
มุมมอง 305K10 วันที่ผ่านมา
Black Clover Manga Chapter 244 starts off with Asta vs Dante but he loses, Yami shows up to begin Yami Time Skip vs Dante of the Dark Triad, however again I have two new black clover theory regarding a spy within the clover kingdom or elsewhere that helped the Dante the king of the spade nation. I also explain a theory regarding Sister Lily and her connection with Asta or Yuno. Did Lily leave A...
Naruto's Two Sons WILL Become ALIEN OTSUTSUKI! Kashin Koji is a Jiraiya Clone - Boruto Chapter 44
มุมมอง 255K11 วันที่ผ่านมา
Buy JIGEN Merch here: Boruto Chapter 44 manga review, analysis, and theory discussing Kashin Koji possibly being linked to Jiraiya from Naruto. We also talk about Boruto’s Pure eye and Karma seal and how he will take over by Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Naruto & Sasuke have a huge problem to deal with JIGEN since they lost against him in battle. The kara organisation ...
The END of Muzan! Tanjiro & 9 Hashira Have Done The IMPOSSIBLE! - Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba)
มุมมอง 129K12 วันที่ผ่านมา
In this Demon Slayer video, we explain how Tanjiro and The 9 Hashira have done the impossible and finally defeated Muzan! is muzan dead? muzan death will satisfy them huh? We explain how Muzan actually dies and real Reason Muzan was defeated. We go over the Tamayo's secret drug that she injected into Kibutsuji Muzan. We explain the 4 stages and how it weakened Muzan to a level where the Demon S...
Solo Leveling's FINAL Chapter - Jin Woo Has A MONSTER Inside Him!
มุมมอง 54K14 วันที่ผ่านมา
With Manwha and Webtoons on a rise and being adapted into anime, from Tower of God to God of High School, Solo Leveling has hit the scene and we are going to go baaaalls deep right into it!In this video, we go over the final chapter of Solo leveling Manwha Webtoon for this season, explaining how Jin Woo is so strong along with reacting to the latest Chapter. Guys This Korean Manga is way too go...
My Hero Academia’s INSANE Traitor! Hawks Vs Twice & Dabi - NO ONE UNDERSTANDS Twice is A HERO
มุมมอง 132K16 วันที่ผ่านมา
My Hero Academia has just showcased in the manga that Hawks the 2nd ranked hero has betrayed the League of Villians and Shigaraki. This puts Twice and Dabi in a terrible position as they trusted this traitor. Hawks is a spy for the heroes and police as he is trying to let Deku & Endeavor win the war. This is our Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academia Chapter 264 analysis with an MHA Theory re...
Naruto & Sasuke's WORST Fear! Boruto Otsutsuki TRAGIC Prophecy & The HIDDEN Message Tento Explained
มุมมอง 240K17 วันที่ผ่านมา
in this boruto episode 148 anime video which adapts boruto manga chapter 11 we see borutos karma prophecy from Momoshiki otsutsuki haunting him, he tells sasuke uchiha about it. this is what Naruto feared about world peace. I also explain the deeper philosophical message of Tento Meeting Boruto regarding the Naruto hokage card during the Mujina Bandit Arc. Sarada Uchiha has been toned down comp...
Black Clover's Mind-Blowing DEVIL! Asta DEMON Origin vs Dante & Who's Asta Mother Theory Explained
มุมมอง 424K18 วันที่ผ่านมา
Black Clover Anime & Manga video which involves Asta vs Dante, Asta has now gained a new anti-magic demon transformation where he has seen a memory of his mother. We cover chapters 230,231,232 and black clover chapter 233 on a theory why Asta’s mother sent him to Hage village to be with Yuno. The light triad who involves Asta, Yuno and Noelle are against the Dark triad in which they must change...
Solo Leveling's Jin Woo Is NOT HUMAN
มุมมอง 72K20 วันที่ผ่านมา
We are back with our reaction on Solo Leveling! Continuing the epic journey of S-Rank Sung Jin-Woo and the world where everything is governed by hunters and monsters. Solo Leveling Anime needs to be created ASAP. The Korean Manga is way too good! This is our chapter 107, Chapter 108 and Chapter 109 analysis! Since a portal connecting our world to a world full of monsters and creatures of all ki...
Boruto’s SECRET GIRLFRIEND! Every Sign Boruto Will Marry Sumire Instead of Sarada Explained [Pt1]
มุมมอง 185K22 วันที่ผ่านมา
in this Boruto manga and anime video, I explain his relationship with Sumire as I have already covered Sadara x Boruto in another video. Now the Boruto / naruto fan base is split in who they support, Sumire or Sarada to marry Boruto in the future of Boruto Shippuden lol. My MAN Boruto is basically new Sasuke and he has a wide choice of who he likes as his girlfriend ethier sarada uchiha or boro...
Black Clover's Asta is in TROUBLE! Asta's NEW Anti-Magic DEMON Form & Who's Asta Father Explained
มุมมอง 329K25 วันที่ผ่านมา
Black Clover just revealed Asta's new Demon transformation were he has unlocked more % of the anti-magic demon and a second wing which gives him EVEN MORE MAGIC POWER! Dante of the Dark triad is using the DEMON KING gravity magic to destroy Asta and the black bulls, he revealed that he wants Asta to embrace evil as he kills Gauche, we get a flashback of Asta's Father on Who he is as he shows hi...
Response to 'Boruto Manga is Trash'
มุมมอง 54K27 วันที่ผ่านมา
'Boruto Manga is trash'...Nah, Jigen, Kawaki, Kashin Koji, Boruto, Naruto and Sasuke are quite good. for anime clothing 10% discount off everything with ABDSQUAD DISCORD SERVER: AnimeBallsDeep Snapchat @ AnimeBallsDeep Instagram @ AnimeBallsDeep Microphone I use to make videos: The camera I use to record: The laptop...
Nezuko Has Done The IMPOSSIBLE! Nezuko Becomes Human & Why Muzan Killed Tanjiro's Family Explained
มุมมอง 156K29 วันที่ผ่านมา
Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba just recently revealed in the manga chapters such as 196 that Nezuko, Tanjiro Kamado's sister has now become human and is cured. I explain from the anime and manga all the information as to why Nezuko has become human again and how it is linked back Muzan and the other 12 demon moons such as Akaza and Kokushibo. Furthermore, I also explain Muzan's weakness and why ...
Deku Awakens His NEW FLOAT Quirk & The Doctor W/ Shigaraki's Unstoppable Nomu THEORY Explained
มุมมอง 285Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Deku Awakens his quirk Float from Nana Shimura the 7th user of One for all in this theory. I explain how the one for all quirk works and why this will be possible against Shigaraki. We see in my hero academia chapter 262 that Shigaraki's new power is at 71% and he is almost complete as Deku’s former doctor has unlocked all the High-end Nomu to fight Miruko (& other heroes). Deku’s doctor who ha...
Mirio Quirk Returns & Deku AWAKENED - Eri’s Rewind Training SAVE The WORLD Theory (My Hero Academia)
มุมมอง 202Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Download Crystalborne for free here! iOS: Android: Thanks to Machine Zone for sponsoring this video! In this my hero academia theory video we discuss how Mirio loses his quirk vs Overhaul to save Eri’s life. The quirk destroying bullet created from Eri’s Rewind ability is pretty overpowered but in this Boku no hero academia video we discuss how ...
7 Things You Didn't Know About Pain aka Nagato Uzumaki in Boruto & Naruto
มุมมอง 117Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Naruto & Boruto has featured Nagato Uzumaki also known as the six paths of Pain. Naruto vs Pain is one of the greatest anime fights of all time with the philosophy, but here are facts, trivia, and information you didn’t know about Nagato Uzumaki (Pain) from Naruto. We explain his design, powers such as the Rinnegan and his plot holes regarding the overall manga. One plot hole involves Obito and...
Black Clover INSANE Devil SECRET! Who is Asta’s Father vs Dante & Noelle’s Mother Theory Explained
มุมมอง 330Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Sign up at to get Crunchyroll ad-free for 14-days! Black Clover Chapter 240 just displayed Dante with the Demon King go up against the Black Bulls in their base. Asta has shown up with his anti-magic devil against Dante whilst Yami is not there yet to save the day. Megicula is with Vanica from the dark triad wanting to fight the heart kingdom queen. Asta & Black B...
Boruto UNLEASHED OTSUTSUKI & PURE EYE! Kashin Koji vs Jigen, is He Jiraiya? Boruto Chapter 43 Review
มุมมอง 641Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Chapter 43 has just revealed Boruto Uzumaki’s Momoshiki Otsutsuki transformation through the karma seal with his Pure Eye Jougan being active! Kawaki, Sarada and Mitsuki help him fight Boro from the Kara organization Jigen is leading. Kawaki uses the Karma seal to save Naruto’s life from death from his battle with him. Kashin Koji, in the end, decides to vs Jigen (Kashin Koji vs Jigen in...
Solo Leveling is INSANELY GOOD you guys MUST READ IT! Chapter 106 REACTION
มุมมอง 53Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Solo Leveling an INSANE Manwha being one of the greatest ones of 2020 needs an Anime! With the announcement of other greats like Tower of God being Animated gives us hope! This Korean Manga is way too good! In this video, we go over Solo leveling chapter 105, and Chapter 106 analysis. We go over the last chapters and explain how Jin Woo has broken to the next level as he reanimated the Ant King...
Muzan is BORING! Tanjiro vs Muzan is Disappointing in Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba)
มุมมอง 61Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 194 revealed the come back of the Demon Slaying Corps, as the final battle between Kibutsuji Muzan and Tanjiro continues. Yushiro comes to the rescue giving our fallen squad, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Kanao along with the Water Pillar, Wind Pillar, Snake Pillar, and the Stone Pillar the healing elixir to help them rise back into the fight. Muzan unleashed his f...
Asta & Yuno Vs The Word Magic Devil - The Elf Arc, Licht & The First Wizard King Part 4 Explained
มุมมอง 74Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover anime has shown the word magic devil backstory and fight against Licht, the first wizard king, Yami, Asta, and Yuno! This is explaining all the events of the elf arc from the manga. Playlist of Elf Arc Explained: Thumbnail: a1534529844?lang=en for anime clothing 10% discount off everything with ABDSQUAD D...
The Boruto We HATED is Dead - Naruto’s Hokage Death & Jigen's Kara Secret Power Explained
มุมมอง 237Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto’s anime is airing the Mujina bandits arc at the moment which is adapting the Boruto Manga, Boruto Uzumaki will display his Karma seal powers against the gang for the first time soon. Boruto episode’s currently airing show team 7 which includes Sarada and Mitsuki in prison trying to gain information on the Mujina gang who are linked with Kara! In this video, I also explain how the Kara or...
Bakugo Is The 2nd User of ONE FOR ALL & Saved Deku - My Hero Academia Time Travel Theory Explained
มุมมอง 359Kหลายเดือนก่อน
My Hero Academia Chapter 261 revealed the Doctor that steals quirks from people such as Deku. Well in this theory video we explain the time travel possibility that Bakugo is the 2nd user of one for all quirk that Midoriya has with evidence from the new My Hero Academia Heroes Rising movie. Shigaraki with his new AFO power currently is way too powerful for the heroes and will probably win in his...
Solo Leveling is Giving Hunter x Hunter Vibes - Please READ This Manhwa
มุมมอง 65Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Solo Leveling an INSANE Manwha being one of the greatest ones of 2020 needs an Anime! With the announcement of other greats like Tower of God being Animated gives us hope! This Korean Manga is way too good! In this video, we go over chapter 104, and Chapter 105 analysis. We talk about some similarities we found between this Korea Manga and Hunter x Hunter. Jin Woo's father being a massive plot ...
The Death of Muzan Begins - Tanjiro's STRONGEST Breath in Demon Slayer Has Arrived
มุมมอง 94Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer Chapter 193 Review in which we discuss Tanjiro vs Muzan and how he has learned the 13th Dance of the fire god form that will defeat him. Nezuko is on her way to help Tanjiro as he is running out of stamina and there is only an hour left till the Sun comes up to destroy Muzan. Tamayo used Medicine made Muzan age over 9000 years! #demonslayer #kimetsunoyaiba #anime #tanjiro #muzan #t...
Deku’s Doctor Reveals THE STOLEN QUIRKS! Shigaraki's New AFO Power & Deku’s Third Quirk Explained
มุมมอง 534Kหลายเดือนก่อน
My Hero Academia Chapter 260 and Season 4 has revealed the truth about the stolen quirks from Deku's Doctor. The doctor's name is revealed to be Daruma Ujiko who belives in the Quirk Singularity Theory. He is giving Shigaraki the new quirk that will help him surpass All for One himself. Deku also needs to awaken his new quirk/power through one for all which is Nana''s Float power eventually, cu...
Black Clover’s Yami is In Trouble! Asta’s NEW Transformation & DEMON is His FATHER THEORY Explained
มุมมอง 510Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover Chapter 239 just revealed the Dark triad that is run by Dante with Megicula is targeting the captain of the black bulls Yami. Here is another black clover theory regarding Asta's 5 leaf grimoire and who are Asta's Parents. This is my review and analysis regarding Yuno's supposed death and why they are targeting arcane magic users as the Heart Queen mentioned. Asta will have to get ...
Why Everyone Is FREAKING OUT ABOUT Tanjiro Vs Muzan - The STRONGEST Sun Breath Dance Explained
มุมมอง 93Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 192 CONFIRMED the Theory of the 13th Breath of the Sun form, being the continuous motion of the all the other 12 forms in one swift motion. In the last chapter, the battle between Kibutsuji Muzan and the Demon Slayer Corps came to its conclusion. Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Kanao with the Water Pillar, Wind Pillar, Snake Pillar, and the Stone Pillar have met thei...
Deku's Original Quirk Was STOLEN - How Doctor Created Nomu's & Shigaraki (My Hero Academia THEORY)
มุมมอง 739Kหลายเดือนก่อน
My Hero Academia Chapter 259 has proven the theory about Midoriya's childhood doctor being Ujiko Daruma, All for one (AFO) personal doctor. The doctor also got caught by Endeavor in this chapter. In this video, I discuss how the Nomu’s are created and also debunk the long standing theory in the Boku no Hero Academia community about Deku's quirk being stolen by the doctor and given to Tomura Shi...
Black Clover UNLEASHED A New Devil! is Yuno Dead & The Asta Arcane Magic Theory Explained
มุมมอง 220Kหลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover Chapter 238 Just revealed a New Demon or Devil from Zeno who is from the Dark Triad in the spade nation kingdom working with Megicula. Yuno has been defeated by Zeno and fans are wondering has Yuno died? Is Yuno really dead? Well, here I am explaining why Asta, the anti-magic demon and the others can help save the day against the new enemy with an amazing fight using Weg magic. #bl...
Solo Leveling is Unbelievably Good, Sung Jin-Woo vs The Ant King.
มุมมอง 65K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
Solo Leveling Anime needs to be created ASAP. The Korean Manga is way too good! This is our chapter 103 analysis and review, going over the epic battle between the Double S Rank Hunter Sung Jin Woo vs The Ant King Fight. Since a portal connecting our world to a world full of monsters and creatures of all kinds appeared, some people have acquired powers and the ability to hunt them: they are cal...
Tanjiro's Final Breath of The Sun To DEFEAT Muzan In Demon Slayer THEORY
มุมมอง 276K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 191 revealed the MOST TRAGIC end to the battle between Kibutsuji Muzan and the Demon Slayer Corps. Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Kanao along with the Water Pillar, Wind Pillar, Snake Pillar, and the Stone Pillar have met their END as Muzan unleashed his final form. The only one standing is Kanao vs Muzan, but luckily Tanjiro has finally awakened, learning the secre...
Black Clover Will NEVER Be The Same! Megicula's Plan For Asta's Anti-Magic Devil & Yuno Explained
มุมมอง 277K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover Episode 119 just displayed Asta and Yuno destroying the Word Magic Devil, but in the black clover manga a new problem with Megicula demon from the spade nation has occurred in which he wants Asta’s Arcane magic from the anti-magic demon for himself. Black Clover Manga Chapter 237 showcased Yuno’s time skip magic with Sword Magic Zephyr Spirit, he is the prince of the spade nation, ...
Boruto Shippuden is Actually Lit! Naruto Will Lose His 7th Hokage Status Explained
มุมมอง 236K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Mujina Bandits Arc has started from the manga adaptation with Boruto Episode 141 that will be 11 episodes. Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki are given a mission from Naruto the 7th Hokage to investigate the gang. I also explain more information from the writer of the boruto manga about Naruto losing his 7th Hokage position because people are trying to betray him due to Jigen's Kara organization...
My Hero Academia's INSANE TIME SKIP! Shigaraki’s New Quirk & Liberation Front vs Heroes Explained
มุมมอง 267K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
My Hero Academia Chapter 258 has revealed the truth about Shigaraki's secret location to the heroes as Twice from the League of Villians has leaked this information to the Pro Hero Hawk who is acting as a spy to pass on the intel to Endeavor and others. In this Boku No Hero Academia video, I explain Shigaraki's plan with his new Liberation Army with Redestro as he has gained a new quirk with po...
NO ONE UNDERSTANDS Deku vs Overhaul - The Mind Of Overhaul in My Hero Academia Explained
มุมมอง 54K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
In this video, we discuss Deku vs Overhaul in the mortality of Justice when it comes to Kai Chisaki Overhaul, we explain how in our own court of Law of Justice an individual if determined insane they would be able to make an insanity defense. Compared to the League of Villains and Shigaraki, Overhaul isn't determined to commit evil. We go over why Overhaul isn't Evil, and in-fact just troubled ...
Naruto’s Two Sons SHOCKING Karma Twist! Sarada Learnt Sasuke’s Chidori Confirmed - Boruto Chapter 42
มุมมอง 314K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Chapter 42 Analysis, Theory and Review all in one where I discuss the new team 7 which includes Sarada, Boruto, Kawaki, and Mitsuki vs Boro from Jigen’s Kara organization. They are trying to save Naruto’s life as Konoha thinks the 7th Hokage might be dead, however, he is just sealed by Jigen from their fight a few chapters ago Naruto & Sasuke vs Jigen. In this video, I explain why Sarada...
Why Muzan Should Be Afraid of Tanjiro's Supposed 'Death' Explained
มุมมอง 146K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
Download Raid to your PC for free💥 Start with 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of a New Player Rewards program! Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 190 finally begins to conclude the epic fight between Kibutsuji Muzan and the Demon Slayer Corps. Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Kanao have entered the battle and with their help Muzan's chances of winning decreased, and to add ...
Deku Awakens His New Quirk & All Might’s Foreshadowed Death in My Hero Academia Explained
มุมมอง 1M2 หลายเดือนก่อน
My Hero Academia in the anime has showcased Deku 100% OFA Full Cowl vs Overhaul recently, but in the manga chapter 257 we have now found out the third quirk in the one for all quirk that he got from All Might. In this manga video, I explain Deku's second quirk called the Black Whip and why All Might does not possess this power. Deku will surpass all other one for all users to defeat shigaraki &...
All For One Betrayed Shigaraki! The TERRIFYING Reason Shigaraki Became AFO's Son Theory Explained
มุมมอง 113K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 14 just aired which showcased Shigaraki taking away Overhaul's quirks by destroying his hands, but have you ever wondered why did Tomura Shigaraki become all for one's son in the first place, why does he wear hands on his face or all over his body? In this video, I give a Boku no hero academia theory of how AFO manipulated him from his childhood. This is the ba...
The Next Hunter x Hunter! Read Solo Leveling, it's Better Than You Can Even Imagine.
มุมมอง 110K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
Solo Leveling Anime needs to be created ASAP. The Korean Manga is way too good! This is our chapter 101, Chapter 102 and Chapter 103 analysis. Since a portal connecting our world to a world full of monsters and creatures of all kinds appeared, some people have acquired powers and the ability to hunt them: they are called hunters. The protagonist of the story, Sung Jin-Woo, is the weakest of the...
Boruto Sage Mode Confirmed? Boruto's TRAGIC Problem Keeps Getting Worse Explained
มุมมอง 379K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto has unlocked sage mode in the anime or manga? Was the new boruto ending hinting towards him learning his father Naruto Uzumaki the 7th Hokage iconic Jutsu? Here is my opinion. In this analysis/review video I discuss boruto episode 137, boruto episode 138, boruto episode 139 & Boruto episode 140 on why the filler in boruto is such a problem to the naruto fan base as a whole. They made Sas...
Deku 100% OFA Vs Overhaul Blew Everyone's Mind! Why Midoriya Doesn't Have a Muscle Form Explained
มุมมอง 463K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 13 Analysis showcases Deku using one for all 100% vs Chai Kaisaki Overhaul who is trying to get Eri back. Boku No Hero Academia Episode 76 is one of the best yet as fans with the animation being top-notch with Deku vs Overhaul. Fans will be wondering if Midoriya Izuku used OFA 100% Full cowl vs Overhaul, how come he did not get a full muscular form like all mig...
How Obanai Iguro x Mitsuri Kanroji Fall In Love! Snake x Love Pillar in Demon Slayer Explained
มุมมอง 58K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer manga chapter 189 and 188 breaks down the snake pillars love interest with Mitsuri Kanroji, Obanai Iguro lived a tragic life in his childhood but is facing Muzan for the final battle in Demon slayer (kimetsu no Yaiba), we explained Obanai iguro x mitsuri kanroji love story. the snake pillar turns his nichirin sword (blade) red against him just like the other pillars did against the...
Black Clover's TRAGIC SECRET! Who are Yuno Royal Parents & Who Left Asta with Sister Lily Explained
มุมมอง 372K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover time skip has just revealed Yuno's origin and parents. We now know from black clover chapter 235 Yuno's backstory in which he is a prince from the spade nation. In this black clover manga and anime video, I discuss another black clover theory regarding why asta has no mana and how the anti-magic demon/devil chose him to receive the 5 leaf grimoire. We still do not know who are Asta...
Why Noelle Deserves Asta more than other girlfriends (Black Clover)
มุมมอง 78K2 หลายเดือนก่อน
in this black clover manga and anime video, we talk about the latest episodes which showcased her new valkyrie armor from in which she showcases one of the major factors on what makes her one of the best female girls's aka waifu's in anime for shounen anime. Even though she is in love with asta and has the whole asta x noelle ship going on, this does not hold her back from being a great female ...
the real reason Asta Has 8 GIRLFRIENDS (Black Clover)
มุมมอง 311K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover anime has just revealed a new race with the Devil taking over and manipulating the elves. Asta however with the anti-magic demon has amassed a HAREM with having over 8 ships in the manga so far. So who will end up being Asta's girlfriend or wife? will it be Noelle x Asta, Asta x Mimosa, Asta x Rebecca or someone else? In this video, I explain why all the girls like Asta. #blackclov...
10 Things You Didn't Know About The 3rd Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi in Boruto & Naruto
มุมมอง 98K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
Get Crunchyroll Ad-Free for 14-days! Sign up here: In this Boruto aka Naruto video, we talk about the God of Shinobi, the professor, the student of the 1st Hokage and 2nd Hokage, The 3rd Hokage himself Hiruzen Sarutobi. The leader of Konoha and practically the grandfather to the main protagonist Naruto Uzumaki. We will cover facts, trivia and information regar...
มุมมอง 32K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
One Piece Stampede Movie is OUT and allots of information was revealed, and the Manga has recently confirmed few things like the Name of the Final Island In One Piece, Laugh Tale /Raftel. In this video, we cover Oden Kozuki's Journey to the final Island Laugh Tale, and how Oden joined Edward Newgate's Whitebeard Pirate Crew, and met his wife Toki and had two kids during this journey. Later afte...
Muzan's Weakness EXPOSED! Tanjiro's SECRET Breath of the Fire God in Demon Slayer Explained
มุมมอง 86K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
On the last chapter, we find out Tanjiro is dying in his battle again Muzan as he was poisoned, he enters into an ancestral memory, while Nezuko is on her way to help, the Hashira Pillars fend on Muzan in his final form. Tanjiro vs Muzan plot thickens. Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 187 reveals the how Yoriichii defeated Muzan, using the see-through world he understood how to perfect the...
Jiraiya Finds Out Naruto is Hokage! Sasuke x Sakura & Who is Kashin Koji Theory - Boruto Explained
มุมมอง 508K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Episode 136 review and theory were we cover Jiraiya and Naruto memories being deleted by Sasuke’s Sharingan. Boruto went back to the village with time travel and everything has gone back to normal after Urashiki Otsutsuki is defeated by them. Jiraiya learned naruto became Hokage and he saved Sasuke from going to the dark side so in this video I explain even more analysis on the theory of...
Black Clover's INSANE Time Skip Reveals Yuno's Royal Parents! & Why Asta Has No Magic Explained
มุมมอง 194K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
Get Surfshark VPN at - Enter promo code ABDSQUAD for 83% off and 3 extra months free! Black Clover chapter 233 review and analysis, we discuss my theory on who are asta and yuno parents? Black clover revealed Megicula of the spade nation who has supposedly taken over Yuno’s family as he is the original prince of the spade nation. I also explain Mimosa, Noelle & the Hear...
10 Things You Didn't Know About Madara Uchiha The 'First' Hokage in Naruto & Boruto
มุมมอง 213K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
Facts, Trivia, and information regarding Madara Uchiha the original founder of Konoha with Hashirama Senju The first Hokage, the funny thing is, Madara was meant to be the first Hokage but no one allowed it. Madara Uchiha almost won the fourth shinobi war as Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara they were actually struggling until Kaguya Otsutsuki showed up. In this video, I answer all the questions rega...
Muzan Has Crossed An Unforgivable Line! Tanjiro & Yoriichi's TRAGIC Prophecy Explained
มุมมอง 168K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 186 reveals the truth behind Yoriichi and his wife. We see how breath styles were created to fight against Muzan. Yoriichi has a prophecy and now Tanjiro is fulfilling it as he has the same powers as the original sun breath user. Tanjiro is dying in his battle again Muzan as he was poisoned. Nezuko is on her way to help whilst the Hashira Pillars fend on Mu...
Boruto’s PURE EYE Saves Naruto! Sasuke & Jiraiya Create Kashin Koji W/ Urashiki’s Death? Explained
มุมมอง 424K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Episode 135 Review in which I explain the boruto plot holes regarding Urashiki Otsutsuki. In the Boruto anime Jiraiya, Sasuke, Naruto and Boruto vs Urashiki's new transformation to defeat him eventually with a giant Rasengan. Sasuke was healed by Sakura that's why he can finally join the fight... yeah.... But we still need to talk about Jiraiya realises its Sasuke from the future and see...
YouTube is Deleting Anime Balls Deep & Anime Uproar
มุมมอง 184K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
Please Help Us By Re-Tweeting This: AnimeBallsDeep/status/1203044773222854657 for anime clothing 10% discount off everything with ABDSQUAD DISCORD SERVER: AnimeBallsDeep Snapchat @ AnimeBallsDeep Instagram @ AnimeBallsDeep Microphone I use to make videos: The camera I use to record: The laptop I use to e...
Asta's NEW OVERPOWERED Sword in Black Clover! The Licht Elf Arc Explained [Part 3]
มุมมอง 102K3 หลายเดือนก่อน
Today’s video is a video many have waited for, everyone has been asking when we’re gonna do a part 3 video for these Elf Arc Explanation in Black clover, Asta just received a new overpowered 3rd sword from Licht. Everyone wanted to know when the confusion would end. Well, it won’t be today, but part 3 is here! Part 4 will (most likely) be here by next week, so everything will be wrapped up by t...
Why Endeavor 'Killed' Touya - Dabi is A Todoroki! NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ENDEAVOR In My Hero Academia
มุมมอง 240K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Endeavor is the number 1 hero in my hero academia at the moment and my hero academia chapter 252 has just been released regarding Endeavor talking to the todoroki family regarding Touya Todoroki about what happened to him. Endeavour admits that technically speaking he 'killed' Touya todoroki out of the family and he seeks forgiveness from his loved ones. This is an analysis video regarding the ...
Tanjiro & Nezuko's SECRET Family Breathe in Demon Slayer Explained (Kimetsu No Yaiba)
มุมมอง 93K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 185 was released it revealed the power of the Kamado family that Nezuko and Tanjiro are from. They are going to see the truth about Yoriichi vs Muzan and how to complete the dance of the fire god. Nezuko will use her blood demon art to help the pillars vs muzan to turn their swords red and heal tanjiro from death. #demonslayer #kimetsunoyaiba #anime #manga ...
The Sasuke We Loved is Dead! Jiraiya is Kashin Koji Due To Urashiki - Boruto Plot Holes Explained
มุมมอง 408K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Episode 134 review and Theory were I discuss How strong is Sasuke Uchiha and why the way he is written in the Boruto anime is a plot hole. I also discuss his a theory on his possible death in boruto later on but In the manga, Sasuke Uchiha is written way better, he just does not use Rinnegan or Sharingan abilities at all here. I also discuss why Urashiki Otsutsuki is the worst villain in...
Black Clover's INSANE Time Skip Gets BETTER! Who Are Asta & Yuno Parents Theory Explained
มุมมอง 612K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover Review and Theory regarding Who are Asta and Yuno parents if they could possibly have linked to the spade kingdom in black clover. This is my review for black clover chapter 231 which introduced time skip Noelle and Mimosa with their new magic powers. We were told in the start of the Megicula demon arc that Asta will die if things go wrong, so will his anti-magic demon power help h...
Madara Uchiha Did Nothing Wrong (Naruto & Boruto)
มุมมอง 133K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Naruto and Sasuke's strongest opponent ever according to some fans Madara Uchiha! Here we are discussing the philosophy of his Infinite Tsukuyomi in Naruto Shippuden. Naruto and Sasuke Vs Madara could not stop it from happening at all, but what is the real reason Madara decided to do it? Marada founded Konoha with Hashirama but was not Hokage. He could not protect the Uchiha clan as he promised...
Top 10 WORST Quirks in My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia)
มุมมอง 62K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
My Hero Academia quirks are vast, but in this video, I do a top 10 list of the worst / trash quirks in Boku no hero academia that has been featured in the anime or manga, Which involves My Hero Academia vigilantes. This top 10 list is in no particular order that features people such as Class 1-A students from UA Highschool or the My Hero Academia Movie quirks. #myheroacademia #bokunoheroacademi...
MAJOR PLOT TWIST! Tanjiro's Tragic Fate in Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) Explained
มุมมอง 150K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Get Crunchyroll Ad-Free for 14-days! Sign up here: Demon Slayer Manga just displayed Muzan vs the pillars and Tanjiro. Tanjiro has lost an eye and been poisoned by Muzan, Muzan then declares that Tanjiro has died. In this video, I explain how Tanjiro’s death will play out and a kimetsu no yaiba theory of how Nezuko will come to save the day due to her demon ar...
Boruto Just Trolled EVERYONE! Urashiki is the WORST Villain in Naruto History - Plot Holes Explained
มุมมอง 328K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Episode 133 has just aired and revealed more about the Otsutsuki. Boruto's time travel arc where Boruto and Sasuke have gone back in time to train with Jiraiya and Naruto to face Urashiki Otsutsuki has revealed quite a few things.The obvious Boruto theories out there such as Jiraiya is Kashin Koji or something come with this time travel arc but also the new chakra powers, Blue Rinnegan a...
The Sad Truth About Mirio's Quirk in My Hero Academia - How Strong is Lemillion? Explained
มุมมอง 164K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Mirio known by his hero name as Lemillion has the quirk Permeation, in my hero academia season 4 we will see in the episodes just how powerful he actually is against Overhaul. However, in this video, we explain why his quirk is not as great as you think and how does it work scientifically. Mirio was actually meant to be the next All might by taking on the one for all quirk, but Deku aka Midoriy...
Black Clover’s Time Skip UNLEASHED The Anti-Magic Demon - Why Asta Has No Magic Theory Explained
มุมมอง 415K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover Time skip has occurred with Chapter 230 being released in which Asta showcases his new anti-magic powers with his 5 leaf grimoire. He now has control of his three demon slayer swords that used to belong to Licht. Asta unleashed Black Asta transformation and unleashed the anti-magic demon magic to cut the building from the spade nation in half. I also cover a theory regarding Asta a...
Naruto's Two Sons vs Boro! Sarada Awakens Her 3 Tomoe Sharingan Explained - Boruto Chapter 40 Review
มุมมอง 384K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Chapter 40 Review as I cover Naruto's two sons Boruto and Kawaki as they face Boro from the Kara organisation. Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen occurred in the last chapter and he retreated back his base to regain his chakra. Naruto is sealed away by Jigen so in this chapter the new team 7 which is Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki and Kawaki they teleport to Jigen's dimension to save Naruto's life, but...
Dabi is Shoto Todoroki's Brother! How Endeavor ‘KILLED’ Toya Todoroki in My Hero Academia THEORY
มุมมอง 420K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
In this My Hero Academia Theory video I discuss the latest manga chapter 250 where it has shown even more evidence that Enji known As Endeavor has another son that has become Dabi. Dabi is a Todoroki and therefore Shoto Todoroki's lost brother. I provide every single clue that explains why Dabi is part of the Todoroki family by using his blue fire quirk, genetics, backstory and even more which ...
Nezuko SECRET Demon Powers! Tanjiro vs Muzan & Why Nezuko WILL Become Human Explained
มุมมอง 145K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer Anime & Manga is in its final arc with Tanjiro and the Hashira pillars facing Muzan to end the curse of Demons. Demon Slayer Chapter 183 just dropped which left even more clues towards the theory of How Tanjiro will defeat Muzan. Nezuko is the best girl and she has special demon powers that can help the dance of the fire god ritual to occur. Nezuko has done the impossible by gainin...
Black Clover's INSANE TIME SKIP! Asta's New Anti-Magic Powers & Yuno is a Prince THEORY Explained
มุมมอง 646K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover Chapter 229 Review & Theory which involves THE TIME SKIP of 6 months to help the heart kingdom defeat Megicula of the Spade Nation. Asta has new Anti-magic powers with his demon slayer sword, Also another black clover theory regarding Yuno and who his parents may be. Is Yuno a Prince or Royalty? We don't know much about Asta and Yuno's parents and who left them at Hage Village. Ple...
Demon Slayer's TRAGIC ENDING! Nezuko's Death? Tanjiro vs Muzan & Why Yoriichi Let Muzan Live Theory
มุมมอง 146K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer Chapter 182 has been released which gives even more information on Tanjiro vs Muzan. Muzan has been alive for 1000 years and made tanjiro's sister nezuko into a demon, does this mean she will die at the end of the anime or manga? Well No, Tanjiro has to make a decision just like Yoriichi the original sun breath user who also made a choice for his brother Kokushibo Upper Demon Moon ...
Jiraiya Realises it's Sasuke! Kashin Koji is Jiraiya - Naruto & Boruto’s NEW Rasengan Explained
มุมมอง 734K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Episode 132 has revealed more information about the theory of Jiraiya being related or linked to Kashin Koji since Jiraiya Realized Traveler is Sasuke Uchiha. He also knows Boruto's chakra is linked to Naruto's so that's why they can create a new Rasengan against Urashiki Otsutsuki. In Boruto episode 133, episode 134, and episode 135 we will Jiraiya, Sasuke, Boruto and Naruto Vs Urashiki...
Black Clover's Asta Meets The Heart Queen! Asta & Nero New Arcane MAGIC & THE TIME SKIP EXPLAINED
มุมมอง 286K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
black clover chapter 228 review and theory were we talking about asta and his anti-magic demon helping the heart kingdom defeat the spade kingdom devil that is called Megicula. Megicula is linked with Noelle's mother acier. The black bulls which include Yami, luck, charmy, yuno, Yami and many other characters who were mentioned like Julius Novachrono will have to train in a 6 month time skip to...
Sarada Uchiha the 8th Hokage! Why Konohamaru is WEAK & Trash in Boruto feat Naruto Explained
มุมมอง 179K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
Konohamaru is the sensei of team 7 which includes Boruto, Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki, he has the dream to be the 8th Hokage after Naruto Uzumaki the 7th Hokage. However, in this anime and manga analysis video, we will explain why Sarada Uchiha will be the next Hokage (8th Hokage) and why it is not possible for Konohamaru to do. Konohamaru is trash in Boruto, he is weak with no development even t...
Asta is a COPY of Naruto? My Honest Opinion. (Black Clover vs Naruto)
มุมมอง 71K4 หลายเดือนก่อน
in this naruto x black clover video, I explain my opinion on why Asta from black clover is so similar to Naruto the 7th Hokage. A lot of fans say that Asta is a copy of Naruto since he wants to be the wizard king just like naruto and they both have similar designs, powers and character traits. #naruto #boruto #blackclover #asta #anime #manga for anime clothing 10% discount off ...
Sasuke is a JOKE in Boruto! Jiraiya is Kashin Koji Theory & Naruto's New Rasengan Explained
มุมมอง 329K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Episode 131 showcased Sasuke, Jiraiya and Boruto vs Urashiki Otsutsuki. So now there is a lot of Boruto theories regarding Jiraiya on whether or not he is Kashin Koji or his son or linked to him in any way. Also, Sasuke has been NERFED in the anime compared to the manga and he can't use his Sharingan or rinnegan, its a joke. Boruto meets Naruto's 9 tails Kurama chakra mode and learns the...
Black Clover's Zenon IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! Asta vs Water Spirit Explained (Why Asta Has No Magic)
มุมมอง 133K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover Chapter 227 Review & Theory which discusses a new demon / devil that is linked to Asta and Noelle Silva. Noelle's mother Acier who also used the valkyrie armor died due to Megicula a demon from the spade kingdom it seems. The Heart Kingdom queen wanted Asta's anti-magic demon help to get rid of the curse that is upon her. Recently we learned that a Theory on Why Asta has no mana or...
Why Nezuko Will Become Human Again & Dance Of The Fire God SECRET - Demon Slayer Theory
มุมมอง 68K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
The Demon Slayer anime has taken its break and the manga seems to be nearing to its final arcs, although the demon slayer movie with Rengoku has been announced, in the manga a lot of the pillars have met their tragic deaths along with the major Demon Moons, but In this Kimetsu no Yaiba video I explain the real reason on how Nezuko conquered the Sun as a Demon, and why Nezuko is special. What ma...
Demon Slayer Has Done the IMPOSSIBLE! Tanjiro vs Muzan & Tragic Deaths Explained (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
มุมมอง 235K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer has revealed the tragic deaths of more pillar members in the demon slayer corps within manga chapter 179 and chapter 180. In this Kimetsu no Yaiba video I explain manga chapter 180 with the build-up to Tanjiro vs Muzan and what exactly has happened in the story so far as Tamayo used medicine to make Muzan human again. She did this for Nezuko too but what happened? #demonslayer #tan...
Boruto Learns Sasuke's Past & Neji Returns in Boruto! Jiraiya is Kashin Koji Theory Explained
มุมมอง 213K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Episode 130 Review & Theory regarding Jiraiya learning the truth about Urashiki Otsutsuki, this is because in boruto episode 131 Jiraiya, Sasuke and Boruto will Fight Urashiki. This Means Jiraiya could learn the future to protect it and can be linked to Kashin Koji from the boruto manga. Kashin Koji is Jiraiya is a massive theory. ANYWAY In this analysis I explain the time travel paradox...
the real reason Uraraka Wants To Marry Midoriya! Deku x Uraraka - My Hero Academia Explained
มุมมอง 347K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
My Hero Academia Season 4 has started but fans still wondering if Uraraka and Deku will get together? In this Boku No Hero Academia video, I explain Uraraka's relationship with Midoriya and how she is in love with him. This is part 3 to my Deku x Uraraka Ship Series where it showcases all the signs of how they will end up together at the end of my hero academia finale. My Hero academia season 4...
Naruto’s Second Son is Otsutsuki! Boruto & Kawaki vs Boro to Save Naruto - Boruto Chapter 39 Review
มุมมอง 453K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Chapter 39 Review & Theory which covers Boruto and Kawaki's Karma and how they will save Naruto's life as he may die due to being sealed by the leader of Kara named Jigen. I also talk about many Boruto theories which discuss how Otsutsuki are born and created due to being inspired by Alien franchise. Sarada Uchiha talks about how she is jealous of Boruto as she wishes naruto was her fath...
Naruto Made Everyone Cry & Jiraiya Returns in Boruto! Sasuke & The Pure Eye Vs Urashiki Explained
มุมมอง 327K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Episode 129 Review and Theory were I discuss how Boruto's pure eye will help Sasuke Uchiha defeat Urashiki in the next upcoming fight and future episodes such as Episode 130. Naruto & Jiraiya Return in Boruto and they meet Boruto for the first time since they time travelled back to Konoha when Tsunade was the 5th Hokage and Sasuke just left the village. Boruto will learn about the Pure e...
How Strong is Overhaul's Quirk & Who is Kai Chisaki? My Hero Academia Explained
มุมมอง 62K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
My Hero Academia season 4 has started were Overhaul known as Kai Chisaki has met the league of villains. Overhaul has already destroyed Magne of the members in My hero academia season 4 episode 2. In the future of Boku NO Hero Academia, we will see more information about the Yakuza and why he uses Eri. Overhaul will vs Deku & Mirio. So in this video, I explained who he is and how strong his qui...
Black Clover Creator Reveals Asta is The Wizard King - The ENDING of the Series Explained
มุมมอง 210K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover Chapter 225 analysis were I discuss the theories regarding Asta becoming the wizard king by Yuki Tabata. I also explain more clues and black clover theory on why Asta has no mana. We also learn another clue about Asta's anti-magic demon maybe being connected to the heart kingdom Queen. We still need to find out Why Asta has a 5 leaf grimoire. There is also Noelle x Asta and Mimosa ...
Tanjiro Kills Muzan With The Red Nichirin Sword? Demon Slayer Theory (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
มุมมอง 75K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
In this video, we explain the hidden secret behind Tanjiro Black Nichirin Sword which turns burning crimson red in Kimetsu no Yaiba Demon Slayer. We briefly explain the Universe of Demon Slayer, explaining the concept of Demons and a force known as the Demon Slayer Corps, the only entity to stand against the Demons. We explain the main weapon used against the Demons, the Nichirin Blades and how...
the real reason Boruto Unlocked The Pure Eye & Otsutsuki Powers - Can He Save Naruto From Dying?
มุมมอง 840K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto's pure eye jougan dojutsu in the anime has been a mystery! Naruto the 7th hokage has been sealed away by Jigen who is controlled by Isshiki Otsutsuki. This was shown to us in boruto chapter 38 and 39. Naruto's sons Boruto vs kawaki happens in the future were konoha is destroyed. There is a lot of boruto's theory about it. So in this video, I will explain why boruto has unlocked the pure ...
5 Things You Didn't Know About Yuno in Black Clover
มุมมอง 66K5 หลายเดือนก่อน
Pre-Register for Crossing Void - Global for FREE now to gain rich rewards!! iOS: Android: Official Facebook: Follow their Facebook and join the event to win figurines and gift cards! CrossingVoid.91Act/videos/682615685585201/ 🤩US Android players...
Demon Slayer's JAW DROPPING Secret! The Tragedy of Kokushibo's Strongest Demon Form Explained
มุมมอง 100K6 หลายเดือนก่อน
In this Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba video, we explain the secret behind the first upper Demon Moons Past, we explain everything you need to know about his relationship with his brother the breath of the sun user Yoriichi, we also go over the fight between the pillars vs Kokushibo the first upper demon moon in his strongest demon form. The efforts of Sanemi Shinazugawa, Gyomei Himejima, Muichi...
Why Muzan Kibutsuji is Michael Jackson & How Strong are His Powers In Demon Slayer Explained
มุมมอง 136K6 หลายเดือนก่อน
In this video, we explain the secret on how Kibutsuji Muzan became the strongest Demon in the Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer series. We then go on to explain everything you need to know about the Muzan and his powers, along with how Kibutsuji Muzan is able to regenerate his Head and survive against a Niichrin Blade unlike the other Demons and the 12 Demons Moons. We then explain the only Muzan c...
Black Clover Reveals Asta's Parents Demon Connection? A New Clue Why Asta Has No Mana Theory
มุมมอง 424K6 หลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover chapter 222 review and theory which covers Noelle meeting Dorothy discussing her mother acier silva and how she died. Nozel told her to do this as it can only be talked about within Dorothy sleep magic realm. It is revealed a new demon in black clover were contracts can be formed, maybe this is what happened to asta and why he has no mana? did his parents do this? #blackclover #ast...
5 Things You Didn't Know About Obito Uchiha in Boruto & Naruto
มุมมอง 138K6 หลายเดือนก่อน
Download One Punch Man here! : in this Boruto and Naruto anime video, we break down and go over trivia, facts and information, on everything you need to know about Obito Uchiha, the uncle of Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha the descendant of the Legendary Madara Uchiha the friend of the great Kakashi Hatake, the student of the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze and the potential God Uncle of...
Demon Slayer Reveals Why Tanjiro has Hanafuda Earrings & What They Mean Explained (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
มุมมอง 66K6 หลายเดือนก่อน
In this video, we react and discuss Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 175, which has revealed how tanjiro got the hanafuda earrings through his clan by his possible ancestor Yoriichi Tsugikuni who had passed down the teaching of the Breath of the Sun through Sumiyoshi Kamado Children. We also find out through the Tsugikuni blood line Mikoto was able to access his the full potential of the n...
Naruto Has Sacrificed His 'Life' For Everyone! Naruto & Sasuke vs Jigen - Boruto Chapter 38 Review
มุมมอง 484K6 หลายเดือนก่อน
Boruto Chapter 38 review and analysis which covers naruto and sasuke vs Jigen the leader of the kara organisation in boruto. Boruto the manga is really great compared to the anime and recently Jigen came to take kawaki away as he is the vessel with his Karma seal. Boruto also has a karma seal problem with momoshiki that he will resolve in the future against Kawaki (who has been taken over by a ...
Black Clover Teases Asta 'Loves' Noelle (Asta x Noelle) & Charlotte Confesses Her Love For Yami!
มุมมอง 101K6 หลายเดือนก่อน
Black Clover Chapter 221 Review which confirms Asta understanding that Noelle loves and cares for him with trust. So Noelle x Asta ship is still strong everyone. Yami x Charlotte is still happening too as she confesses her love to her magic knight squad. #blackclover #asta #yami #noelle #manga for anime clothing 10% discount off everything with ABDSQUAD DISCORD SERVER: discord....
the real reason Zenitsu Falls Asleep & How FAST is He? Demon Slayer Explained (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
มุมมอง 170K6 หลายเดือนก่อน
Zenitsu falls asleep in demon slayer whilst he is fighting in the anime. This is due to his past and issues with his thunder breathing style that revolves around his character. In this kimetsu no yaiba video we explain how powerful and fast Zenitsu is and what causes him to fall asleep and how he conquered this later on against his Brother Kaigaku who became part of the upper six 12 demon moons...
Demon Slayer Just Blew Everyone's Mind! - The Secret Behind Tanjiro's Earrings! (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
มุมมอง 124K6 หลายเดือนก่อน
Demon Slayer (kimetsu no yaiba) Chapter 174 analysis were we talking about the upper demon moon 1 being an ancestor to Tanjiro. Tanjiro's demon scar mark as well his earrings are links to the demon slayer from the past 400 years ago. This samurai was the one that almost killed Muzan. Kokushibo is facing all the demon slayers at once and has a memory. #demonslayer #kimetsunoyaiba #tanjiro #kokus...


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